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the most important communication tool a parent can have


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Why is it SMART ?


It can be worn and used daily like a normal cotton sleep suit , and assists to help you visually monitor your baby’s health 24hours a day. and will only act when it is needed as it thinks for its self without your assitance 


Speaks all languages via colour change

It detects what’s happening on the inside of the baby’s body, then shows you what’s happening by changing the colour on the sleep suit on the outside..


It's smart because it helps babies to communicate to all carers, if or when there’s a potential problem occurring.

It detects developing fever hours before symptom’s are visible to the human eye therefore making it your first emergency service

1.Babyglow will show and alert parents to the slightest increase in temperature from the baby’s internal body temperature, by changing from its original colour to white.


If you’re giving medication or cooling the baby down by using our Fever Reducing Mattress  , Babyglow Smart suit can show and reassure parents or carers that body temperature is decreasing because the colour reappears. If it continues to be white after medication or cooling, further medical assistance may be required.

The advantage of the smart suit is that while your reducing temperature you can monitor the baby and have a indication that your efforts are working or not 


Babyglow is made up of a combination of natural cotton fibers and modern day temperature technology

It’s Environmentally friendly , as no batteries or power source is  required,


Only requires only excess heat from the baby’s body to make it change colour




Easy to test 

As long as there is colour it will always work


Why do i need it .


Babyglow is not just clothing ,It’s an essential communication TOOL ( just like the mobile phone is today )


* Babies up to 3 months old cannot be given medicine for reducing fever so this help is vital.

* Informed & Relaxed Parenting – less stress and worry

* Easy to use and Understand, unlike more traditional devices,

* No more having to guess whether baby is too hot or not?


When worn daily, Babyglow is the only suit that Constantly communicates to let you know  if medication your providing is working or if additional medical assistance is required.


When baby has high temperature, parents can now physically help in assisting and controlling the baby’s temperature, rather than you being stressed and not knowing what to do or what stage the illness is at . Fever can be reduced with a cold wet towel, medication  or our special Fever Reducing Mattress to keep the baby’s temperature stable until you get medical advice.


Babies up to 24 months find it difficult controlling their own temperature

As babies cannot speak to us ?

Babyglow Smart suit Monitors their temperature constantly in order to understand how their health is and to avoid consequences like Febrile convulsions.,


As FEVER IS INVISIBLE Babyglow smart suit provides a Communication link between parents and Babies ?

You can’t fight something you can’t see

Fever is no longer invisible as Babyglow makes illness or fever visible when worn directly against the skin 


Detects the symptoms early ,

Babyglow Smart suits means you will be able to visually see and detect body temperature at the exact moment when babies´ temperature is raising. Therefore helping carers to understand and respond to the baby’s health issues whilst getting constant visual feedback from the Babyglow suit.


Not all carers find thermometers easy to use or totally understand , and may not use them until the baby is distressed or very hot . At this point it is often too late, illness would already be in an advanced stage and a few hours in to the illness.


Taking care of my smart suit ?


Wash at or below 30 degrees

Tumble dry on low

Iron at low temperature


1, do not line dry in the sun and avoid long periods of  direct sunlight on garment

2, do not use bleaching or whitening  products while washing


in todays world, we would not be without insurance or even mobile phones. why is this ?


Because they are an essential item like insurance we know we are protected and its always there ? but may never use it, we always have it but we only use it when its needed in case of of an emergency


you child is one of the most important things in your life , and being able to see and protect them from the one thing that could cause them harm , which is the infections that cause fever or high temperature we dont cover ourselves for this WHY ?



The first thing we do when a child is crying is shove a bottle in the mouth as it might be hungry or check if there nappy needs changing  ? none of these could potentially hurt the baby


but they could have a virus building and you cant see it untill there red in the cheeks, which is 2 or 3 hours too late ,its alreay at it max