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About us 

Babyglow was invented in the UK and took 10 years to develop


10 years later, with involvement of some Blue Chip companies and Universities that work in the field of Super- Technology, along with consumer safety testing companies like SGS a safe and working product was finally completed and is now available for sale


During this 10 year period we have created a 100% cotton garment that accurately indicate temperature changes just by using the human body


It has taken us years with experts to develop and make safe our products. All Babyglow products are tested by an independent testing house such as SGS


Babyglow is now sold over 20 countries and has be tested by parents and goverment laboritories world over. Babyglow has won numerous awards for product safety and reliability.


all our products have inbuilt protection such as DNA identification and other anti counterfuit measures applied to every product ,so that it may be identified by us.